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Driving on the right tires for your vehicle is incredibly important. If you're riding on worn out, non-seasonal tires, or rubber that isn't meant for your vehicle, you're jeopardizing both your vehicle's performance and your own safety. Trust Southside Mitsubishi to find the perfect tires for your car, truck, van, or SUV; our goal is to provide the good people of Edmonton with affordable, reliable tires. Contact us today and we'll have you driving on the right tires for your ride in no time.


Summer Tires


Summer tires are made with rubber compounds designed to grip the road during the hot summer months. Meant to be used in higher temperatures, summer tires won't wear as much as other types of tires during the summer driving season.

All-Season Tires


All-season tires are aimed to be the best of both worlds - give you a smooth ride in the summer and a grippy, slip free ride in the winter. Depending on your driving habits, all-seasons could be a good choice, but remember you are making a sacrifice in performance compared to dedicated summer and winter tires.

Winter Tires


Winter tires are almost a must during an Edmonton winter. Summer tires begin to lose their effectiveness once the temperature drops below 7 degrees celsius. Designed to grip frozen roads and limit sliding on ice, winter tires are a smart, safe decision for Edmontonians.


Tire Brands

No matter your make or model of vehicle, we have access to a huge selection of high-quality tires, from respected brands, including Michelin tires, Toyo Tires, Goodyear Tires, Pirelli Tires, and many others. Whether you need performance tires for your Mitsubishi Lancer, or some rugged, beefy tires for your Ford F-150, we have you covered.