$10,000 GIVEAWAY

Who wants to win $10,000
Southside Mitsubishi is excited to announce the start of our $10,000 giveaway.  The next 100 customers who purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle from us will automatically get entered in to win, which means you have a 1 in 100 chance of winning.
We understand that a lot of factors go into purchasing a vehicle, but hey, if you are going to, why not have the chance to win some money!

How it works:
With the purchase of any new or pre-owned vehicle from Southside Mitsubishi, with a minimum retail value of $10,000 before taxes, you will automatically get entered into the draw.  Once 100 cars are sold, Southside Mitsubishi will do a live facebook event to draw 10 people to be the finalist who will all be invited to the store at the same time. On an arranged day and time (TBA), each of them will select randomly select a non-marked key which one of those keys will start a selected vehicle in the showroom.  That person who has the correct key will win $10,000 on the spot.  HOW EXCITING!

1)  Must purchase a vehicle, with a retail value of $10,000 or more
2)  Finalist must be able to be at Southside Mitsubishi to be eligible to win
3)  Employees and Employee families are ineligible to win
4)  Contest End Date will be once 100 cars are sold
5)  All participants must agree to allow Southside Mitsubishi to use images to promote during and the giveaway, including but not limited to facebook, website
6)  Must be 18yrs or older to be eligible.

Contact us for more information