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At Southside Mitsubishi we aren’t like any other car dealership and we like it that way. We’re fun, professional, and dedicated to top notch customer service. Our blog is an ever-growing resource for our customers. This is where you’ll see Mitsubishi vehicles compared to their competitors; contest information, fun and informative videos, community and contest information, and a whole lot more. Check back often, there’s always something interesting going on at Southside Mitsubishi.




Outlander: Edmonton's Family SUV

Edmonton truly is a unique place to live. The people, the roads, the weather - Edmonton is one of a kind and we’d have it no other way. For an Edmonton family, a vehicle that suits your specific needs is really important...


What to Expect

There are plenty of bland, boring car dealerships out there and if that’s what you’re looking for, we don’t hold that against you. However, if you’re tired of boring and want to do business with automotive professionals...


Mirage Rally Car

The folks at Southside Mitsubishi are always up to something and this their latest idea may be the best (and wildest) yet.We all know Mitsubishi has a distinguished rally car racing history. The legendary Mitsubishi Lancer is...